Course Structure

The program has been developed keeping in view the need of the family business in the modern times. The course structure facilitates development of the right knowledge, skills and attitude which is a pre-requisite for managing the business successfully. The participant will be present at the institute for one week in a month, the remaining three weeks are to be spent in the business with the mentor, striving to apply the concepts learned in class. The Course content for the program will involve the following disciplines

The course is divided into three phases of six months each:

The course structure would involve learning about the nature of a business, learning all the management and entrepreneurial concepts which are essential to run the business effectively. The stress is not on theory but how to apply and relate the theoretical concepts in the family business. These phases would focus on the general management framework, where participants will be trained to orient their decisions in a general management frame of reference, rather than becoming a specialist in one particular field.

The participant will need to complete 60 credit hours to complete the program over a (minimum) period of 18 months up to maximum of 26 months.

The following modules will be taught in the program

Marketing Taxation
Finance Cost Management
Operations Data Analysis
People Business Law
Economics Communication
International Business Negotiation