The best learning takes place through application of the learned concepts. Therefore this program would focus on the workplace and on discussion of real life situations in the participants businesses. They will be required to relate the theory into practice rather than focusing only on class room discussions. Thus the program is designed such that participants will not be required to leave their businesses while they are studying in the program.

The pedagogic approach to this course will be:

Assignments will be given at the end of each week. The participants will be required to complete their assignments in coordination with their mentor in the business. The mentor can be the owner of the business or a senior manager who takes decisions in the organization. By the end of the program, every participant will be required to prepare a business plan for the next three to five years. Those who want to launch a new business will be required to develop a business model and those who have a family business will be required to prepare a blueprint for the business in the years to come. They will also need to define a strategic vision which should be independent of time and correct and then assign a role for themselves in the family business which they would follow after the completion of the program.

Assignments will be given from all areas of business and it is important that they take help of their staff. That way they will learn from their staff about more practical aspects of their business. Frequent tests will also be conducted to assess their learning in IBA and in their businesses.